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District Co-operative Bank Ltd. Dehradun

डिस्ट्रिक्ट कोऑपरेटिव बैंक लिo, देहरादून
Home Loans


  • Purchase/Construction of House/Flat.

  • Renovation/Improvement of House/Flat.

  • Takeover of housing loans from other Banks/Financial Institutions.

  • Purchase of Site/Plot and Construction of House there on.


  • Individuals aged between 21 years and 65 years.

  • Maximum age – 75 years i.e. age by which the loan to be fully repaid.

Documents Required

  • 2 passport size photos

  • Proof of Identification (Identity card /Passport /Voter Identification card / Driving License/AADHAAR)

  • Proof of Residence viz. tax receipt/ telephone bill/ electricity Bill etc.

  • Statement of account of the applicant/co-applicant for the past one year from their present Bankers.

  • Latest IT returns for 2 years with salary slip for the last 3 months of the applicant/Co-applicant/Guarantor in case of salaried person

  • P & L Statement / Balance Sheet, past two years duly certified by the CA/Income tax assessment order/ IT returns, in case of Professionals/Self employed/Business person (for 3 years, if IT assessed).

  • Income Certificate issued by Revenue Authorities in case the applicant is an agriculturist.


  • Original Sale Deed / Partition Deed/Gift Deed/Conveyance Deed Prior title deeds (all link documents), original/certified copies.

  • Conversion Order, if any, in case of conversion of Agricultural land for Non-Agricultural purposes.

  • Encumbrance Certificate for the last 13 years from the Sub-Registrar

  • Copy of the agreement for sale/Letter of offer

  • Copy of the latest tax paid receipt (Advance IT, Property Tax, Municipal Tax etc.)

  • Copy of Share Certificate/NOC from Society/builder, wherever applicable.

  • Copy of License for construction.

  • Copy of the Approved Plan / Blue Print of the building / flat to be constructed therein.

  • Copy of the detailed estimation of the cost of construction.


ऋण योजना उद्देश्य अधिकतम ऋण ब्याज दर अवधि एवं अदायगी
कृषक आवास ऋण कृषको को आवास निर्माण हेतु निर्माण लागत का 80 प्रतिशत अथवा 1 लाख रू, जो भी कम हो। 7% वार्षिक। 5 से 7 वर्ष, वसूली समान मासिक किश्तों में।
गृह निर्माण ऋण भवन निर्माण, विस्तारीकरण, बना हुआ भवन या फलैट खरीदने हेतु या भवन मरम्मत / विस्तारीकरण, हेतु नगरीय क्षेत्रो में 20 लाख रू0 तक, ग्रामीण क्षेत्रो में 12 लाख रू0 तथा मरम्मत के लिए नगरीय क्षेत्रो में 5 लाख तथा ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों में 3 लाख रू0 तक। 5 लाख रू0 तक 10% वार्षिक एवं 5 लाख से अधिक पर 10.5% वार्षिक। अधिकतम अवधि 15 वर्ष। वसूली समान मासिक किश्तों में।


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